Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why do I have to establish a Georgetown Gmail account in order to keep my email address?

If you currently have a email address, all email sent to that email address is forwarded to a personal email address that you shared with the university when you claimed your email address. Your address does not have an “inbox.” When you are emailed at that email address, the email is forwarded to the personal email account you provided. We now must replace that initially provided personal email account with a Georgetown Gmail account in order for you to keep the forwarding service.

2.) What happens on the stated December 15 deadline? What if I haven’t established my Georgetown Gmail account by then?

If you haven't set up your Georgetown Gmail account by December 15, all emails sent to your address will no longer be forwarded to your personal email account as they have been in the past and you will be unable to retrieve them.

If you later decide that you wish to re-establish your address, you may sign up for a Georgetown Gmail account at any time. The Office of Advancement will update your contact information on file with the personal email address you originally provided for the forwarding service.

3.) What do I do if can’t remember my NetID and/or password?

Please click here to find your NetID or reset your password

4.) I don’t have a email address, but I would like to establish one. How do I do that?

Please click here to register for Georgetown Alumni Online. After you receive your NetID and password, you may claim your Georgetown Gmail account and establish your account at

5.) After I have established my Georgetown Gmail account, how do I log in to my account?

Go to and login to your new gmail account using your NetID and password.

6.) After establishing my Georgetown Gmail account, is it possible to have email sent to my address forwarded to my existing personal email account (instead of my new Georgetown Gmail account) or will I now have to maintain multiple accounts (my personal and the Georgetown Gmail)?

You may elect to forward your messages to a personal email account. Please start by establishing your Georgetown Gmail account here, and then click here for step-by-step directions

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, a mobile-friendly version of the page that allows you to configure forwarding does not exist at this time. The forwarding configuration directions available here only work when using a laptop, or desktop.

If you need further assistance, please contact University Information Services (UIS) at 202-687-4949 (option 3), or toll-free at 855-687-4949 (option 3), or via Email at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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